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Acticarb EA 1000K

Description :

  • Microporous Impregnated & Pelletised Activated Carbon

Advantages :

  • High adsorption capacity with a high rate of removal
  • High hardness and therefore reduced production of fines
  • High density therefore high mass adsorption capacity
  • Alkali impregnant for maximum removal efficiency of acidic gases


  • For the treatment of air streams containing volatile organic compounds & acidic gases

Typical Analysis :

Typical Analysis
Apparent Density(g/mL) 0.50-0.55
Moisture as packed(%max.) 15
Ash Content(%max.) 15
Iodine Number (mg/g min.) 0.14
Surface Area(m2/g min.) >950
CTC(%min) >1000
Hardness Index(%min.) 90
Particle Size (mm diameter) 4

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