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Flat Panel Filter

Maintainance :

The filter panel is readily removed from the filter holding frame or slide. If the filter media is washable, the filter can then be cleaned by rinsing the filter with cold water from a medium pressure hose, back through the clean air side of the media. Allow the filter media to fully air dry before re-installing.

Construction :

Made from either 8 or 10mm extruded aluminium frame that incorporates 90deg corner stakes to prevent any distortion of the frame. Filter media is held firmly in position by rubber spline to eliminate any chance of air bypass between the frame and filter media. Cross braces can also be fitted to the clean air side of the filter to prevent the media ballooning.

Product Specification :

  • For applications where low pressure drop is required
  • Option of either 8 or 10mm frame
  • Washable or disposable media available

Filter Media

SW HART & Co Flat Panel Filters are available with standard general grade low resistance media or medium grade washable type media. Higher efficiency filter media is also available on request. No oiling agents are required.


Generally used in small air conditioning and ventilation units requiring low cost, low resistance filters, and where primary concern is the removal of lint and larger dust particles. Filters are usually fitted into slides in ducts or behind return air grilles.

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