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Aluminum Mesh Rangehood Filters

Features :

  • Low resistance
  • High efficiency
  • Best grease retention
  • Spark Arrestance
  • Large capacity
  • Robust construction
  • Low Initial cost (Aluminium only)
  • Easy to clean

Description :

The Aluminium Mesh Filter has found wide acceptance for the removal of grease and fat from air carrying cooking vapours in exhaust hoods which prevent costly maintenance to the fan duct work and motor. A specially developed aluminium woven mesh is used as the filtering media. This is wound onto an inner frame so that the filter has high grease and particle in line with extraction efficiency. The surrounding frame is of aluminium and allows the filter to be changed quickly and easily. Grease and Particle Mesh Filters are also supplied in 304/316 Stainless Steel surround materials with matching Holding Frames and are manufactured in sizes to suit your requirements. Stainless steel mesh filters are manufactured using woven wire 0.9mm AP/ 0.37mm wire/ 50% open area, in cross grid construction.

RHF-Standard Sizes :

495x290x25 360 30
495x395x25 495 30
495x495x25 620 30
622x395x25 620 30
622x495x25 780 30
749x495x25 940 30
  • Non-std size filters manufactured to suit your requirements.
  • Filters and frames available in Aluminium or Stainless Steel.

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